OpenAI Lets You Use ChatGPT Without Signing Up

What to know

  • Now anyone can use ChatGPT without signing up. 
  • Users without an account can also opt out of having their data used for training the chatbot. 
  • The opening up of ChatGPT will allow more people to experience the benefits of AI. But more advanced features will still require an account.  

OpenAI is removing all barriers to using ChatGPT, even the need to sign up. The company announced on Monday that it’s allowing users to start using the chatbot without needing to sign up. The aim here is “to make AI accessible to anyone curious about its capabilities.”

No doubt, the more people use ChatGPT the more training data the company will acquire to better its chatbot. But if you don’t want your data used, OpenAI also lets you opt out of training. Those without an account can do this by clicking on the question mark icon in the bottom right corner, selecting ‘Settings’, and toggling off ‘Improve the model for everyone’.

OpenAI is also introducing more content safeguards for users without an account, such as blocking prompts and image generations in a range of categories, which will potentially keep in check the threats that such a move brings. 

Of course, the more advanced features such as saving and reviewing chat history, voice conversations, and custom instructions, etc. will require one to set up ChatGPT with an account. By allowing users to access ChatGPT freely, OpenAI is inviting more users to experience the benefits of AI chatbots and nudging them to use it more often and possibly even get a subscription.  

Currently, the ability to use ChatGPT without an account is available only for the web. Using ChatGPT via its Android and iOS app will still require signing up. 

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