OnePlus Two Specification hint at same display size while upping everything else!

OnePlus Two Specifications

OnePlus One being a very competitive device for its set of specifications, the wait for OnePlus Two was ever obvious. Early rumors about the OnePlus Two specifications have already started flowing in, and one can expect huge increase in performance and quality of display, whose size will remain same at 5.5 inches — that’s fine.

The 5.5″ display that graced the OnePlus One will have its resolution cranked up, to Quad HD from Full HD. That’s 534 PPI for you. And the OnePlus Two specs talk get even better when there is a mention of processor, as our favorite and quite ubiquitous (one exception, though) already, the Snapdragon 810 chip, makes the cut here, too. It’s almost everywhere. There is not an Android flagship offering of 2015 we’ve heard of till date that doesn’t have any plans with this gigantic processor.

The Snapdragon 810 processor will partner 4GB RAM — no mention of DDR3/DDR4, yet — to take care of every app and game you throw at it. A 3300 mAh battery is also rumored, and that’s the end of the lot. There is no mention of camera and its sensors, but little reference was made towards a smaller OnePlus device, along the lines of Oppo R5 because many users asked just that from the OnePlus team.

With Xiaomi’s much-awaited event behind us, and we know what the company had on offer (Mi Note Pro and Mi Note, no less!), it’s about time we turned our attention to OnePlus who, after Xiaomi, are the only one to look up to in hope of an amazingly spec’ed up device at very competitive price. Right?

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