Common OnePlus 5 Oreo problems and their solutions

OnePlus hasn’t yet fixed their Oreo update problems with OnePlus 3, and it has already rolled out the update to OnePlus 5 as a beta build. This of course leaves the Oreo update for OnePlus 5 with plenty of bugs and issues. The company plans on releasing the final Oreo update by year end to OnePlus 5, but until then, if you’re planning on installing OnePlus 5 Oreo update (beta), you may have to deal with some serious bugs/issues present on the unfinished software.

Although it’s common for early beta releases to have stability issues, but if you’re an average user looking to install the beta build only to experience OnePlus Oreo update on your device, then you should probably hold your impatience and wait for the company to at-least release the second Oreo beta for OnePlus 5 as the current build has problems serious enough to ruin the experience you’d want from Oreo on your device.

However, in case you’ve already installed the Android Oreo beta build on your OnePlus 5, here’s a quick rundown of problems (with fixes) that you may encounter. Try the fixes we’ve mentioned as they have worked for a number OnePlus 5 users running the Oreo beta release.

OnePlus 5 Oreo beta problems

Not all users may face the following issues, but we’re going to list them anyway. Most of the issues such as lag or slow UI can be fixed after a reboot or fresh install of the beta firmware.


If after installing the Oreo beta 1, your OnePlus 5 went into a bootloop, then it means that either the file you downloaded was corrupt or you didn’t flash it properly. You will need to wipe the device clean using recovery and then install the firmware again. Make sure the firmware is properly downloaded before installing it.


Several users are complaining that their device has become slow, and sometimes even unresponsive, because of the Oreo beta update. If you’re facing this issue, you may need to restart your phone once or twice, and it will be alright.

No Facelock

This isn’t really an issue, but OnePlus has removed the Facelock feature from the official Oreo beta 1. In a previous leaked beta, the company had included this feature and it worked without any problems. We’re not sure why the company decided to get rid of it in this update.

A lot of users are angry with OnePlus for removing this feature, but hopefully they will include it in the next beta update.

Battery life

This is a very common issue with beta releases, and is usually a hit or miss with most users. Some have taken to the forums to talk about how the battery life has become worse, but others are saying that it hasn’t changed much from Nougat. So, let us know how the battery life is for you on the Oreo beta build.

Other issues

Some users are complaining of an issue where the Picture-in-Picture mode doesn’t function properly, specially when using Chrome. There are also complaints about the OnePlus Labs feature not working, lag while playing video, frame rate dropping when gaming, and more.

Most of these issues don’t have any fixes as of now, but that’s what beta releases are all about. When you find a bug or issue, you report it so OnePlus can fix it and make the final version that much better. If you want to report something, it’s best to use the Feedback app or head to the OnePlus forums and post it there.

The final stable version of Android 8.0 Oreo for the OnePlus 5 will arrive by year end. OnePlus has already released the Oreo update for the OnePlus 3/3T.

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