OnePlus 3 and 3T Oreo problems and fixes

OnePlus 3_3t oreo bugs

OnePlus released the official Oreo update as OxygenOS 5.0 to OnePlus 3 and 3T owners recently. The update brings the goodness of Android Oreo to the devices. However, as is the case with all new software updates, there are some bugs in this OnePlus’ Oreo update as well.

In this post, we will list down all the bugs and issues that some users are facing with the new update. If there is a fix for the bug, we will include it. Those who are holding off updating to OxygenOS 5.0, might want to read this before installing.

OnePlus 3 and 3T Oreo problems

Launcher issue

Several users are reporting that the OnePlus launcher on their devices are crashing post Oreo update. Some users are getting ‘The Launcher application has stopped working‘ error when they long press on the Home screen to change wallpaper or go to Settings. For some, the launcher just keeps randomly crashing.

FIX: You can fix this issue by heading to Settings and clearing the Cache for the OnePlus launcher. For some, uninstalling the latest updates for the Launcher, via the Play Store, has also fixed the issue.

Ambient Display issue

This is more of a design change than a bug. In the Oreo update, the notification text that appear in the Ambient Display is larger than the Nougat design. And several users are complaining that it looks too big and odd. There’s really no fix for this, apart from hoping OnePlus changes the design in a new update.

Notification bug

Some users are facing an issue where they cannot reply to messages via the Notification drawer. This is a pretty useful feature, and if it is really not working for some, then users are not going to like it. However, as of now, this issue is limited to very few users.

FIX: Users facing this bug can perform a factory reset or do a clean install of the ROM once a flashable firmware is available for download. Sometimes a simple reboot can fix these kinds of issues as well.

Contact Search issue

Another issue that some users have noticed, has to do with Contact Search. When searching for a contact by typing the name, the search returns nothing.  A few users are facing this issue after the update.

FIX: Performing a hard reboot seems to fix this problem.

Network Connectivity issue

Several users are facing issues with data connectivity after updating to Oreo. Both the OnePlus 3 and 3T is facing an issue where the APN settings are reset after the update, cutting data connectivity.

FIX: Most people have recommended resetting the APN to default and rebooting the phone. This seems to have fixed the issue for most. You can also try to change the APN Protocol to IPv4/IPv6.

Bluetooth issue

This is another bug that’s been plaguing both OnePlus 3 and 3T users after the upgrade to Android Oreo. For several users, the Bluetooth connection on their device fails after a few minutes, or doesn’t connect well to devices, and when connected, is very choppy.

FIX: According to one user, powering off the phone for a few minutes, and then turning it back on, seems to keep the Bluetooth connectivity stable. If this doesn’t work for you, then you may have to wait for a new software update.

Low Volume throughout system

After updating to Android Oreo, users have noticed that the overall volume of the device isn’t as loud as before. Ringtones, music playback, earphone, notification sounds, etc, are now lower than before. This is probably a software bug, so you will have to wait for OnePlus to provide a fix. There is no fix as of now, sorry guys!

Other bugs

Looks like OnePlus didn’t really polish this version of Oreo yet. Apart from the above mentioned issues and complaints, there are more bugs that users are facing. Some are facing faster battery drain, issues with the music controls when listening to music via headphone, and more.

OnePlus also seems to have removed some UI elements in the Oreo update. Fortunately, this is only the first stable release and users can send feedback to the company about their issues. They should release a bug fixer update very soon, addressing all the problems.

Have you installed the Android 8.0 Oreo update on your OnePlus 3 or 3T? How is the experience, and have you encountered any bugs? Do let us know in the comments section!

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  1. hate the update. All USB/MTP settings are mangled or/and impossible to find. Mac does not recognize phone anymore despite Debug and dev set.

  2. hate the update. All USB/MTP settings are mangled or/and impossible to find. Mac does not recognize phone anymore despite Debug and dev set.

  3. Bluetooth keeps closing out even after clearing cashe, etc

  4. Bluetooth keeps closing out even after clearing cashe, etc

  5. when someone is calling me, i am nit getting any ring or notification also i can not connect to internet throght sim data.

  6. when someone is calling me, i am nit getting any ring or notification also i can not connect to internet throght sim data.

  7. Headphone mic is not working after the update

  8. Battery is draining too much.

  9. Also camera isn’t working at all. Guess it’s time to choose a Nexus phone 🙁

  10. Can’t use the camera “unknown error” and the flashlight.

  11. I have several problems:

    • sometimes when I call somebody I hear everything but on the other side they hear nothing from me. I have to end the call and retry.
    • the system sounds are nearly silent, but the every volume is up to 100%. A reboot fixes the problem but after a day or two the problem comes again
    • the battery drains really…..really fast. I went to sleep with 85% battery, and in the morning it was 35%!!! Before Oreo update the battery only drained about 5%, maximum 10%
  12. Camera focus is gone. Making all pictures blur.

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