Oh, you might hate OnePlus 6!

OnePlus 5T Oreo rollout

OnePlus has only been around since 2014 but the company’s name is on nearly every Android fan’s lips. Last year, the Chinese company, which is a subsidiary of BBK Electronics, the same company that also markets phones under the brands of Oppo and Vivo, continued to impress the Android fraternity with the OnePlus 5. With the design trend shifting pretty fast, the company came in with a drastically changed but much better OnePlus 5T and this year, as you may have guessed, we’ll be getting the OnePlus 6.

While there have been claims of an early launch, we still haven’t bought them yet. We are of the view that OnePlus 6 will be unveiled in May or June, but even before then, speculations about the possible design of the phone have started emerging.

Oppo R15 could inspire OnePlus 6 design

Chinese smartphone giant Oppo is lining up its newest sensations in Oppo R15 and R15 Plus. As you’d expect, the phone has been in the rumor mills for a while now and to cast away any doubts, Oppo took to its official Weibo account to tease the R15.

The image only gives us the front view, which reveals a full-screen design with a notch, just like the iPhone X. As it seems, what was despised by many Android fans when the iPhone X was released is now becoming a trend in 2018. We’ve seen the likes of ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Z come in with the notch and we also know Huawei P20 series will feature a notch.

Oppo R15

Given Oppo’s close ties with OnePlus, some are already speculating that the design of upcoming OnePlus 6 may be inspired by the Oppo R15 family.

OnePlus 5 vs Oppo R11 and OnePlus 5T vs Oppo R11s

The reason this speculation is coming up is because of what happened last year. The OG OnePlus 5 borrows a lot of its design cues from the Oppo R11. The story is the same with the OnePlus 5T and Oppo R11s. For this reason, we are meant to believe that the upcoming OnePlus 6 will borrow most, if not all, of its design cues from the Oppo R15, which we now know will come with a notch, as shown in the image above.

Does this surprise us? Not at all! Many a time, Chinese smartphone makers have been accused of copying Apple’s iPhone design. With the launch of the iPhone X and the so-called notch, it was never in doubt that these smartphone manufacturers will follow suit.

What do you think about the possibilities of OnePlus 6 coming with a notch? Let us know in your comments below.

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