Official Jelly Bean Update Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100!

Good news guys. No, great news. The guys over at unofficial Samsung site Sammobile say that their insiders tell them that it’s now confirmed that the Galaxy S2 I9100 will be getting an update to Jelly Bean Android 4.1 officially.

Samsung was earlier reported to be testing whether the S2 is capable of Jelly Bean (meaning they were looking for a reason to say no), and it seems they found it possible, which is no surprise considering the phone’s still great hardware. If things go according to plan, the update should hit the air sometime in September-October.

This also bodes well for the Galaxy Note, which runs the same hardware and also sold quite well to warrant further support with an update to Jelly Bean. So, the waiting now begins. We wonder when the leaked firmware will start coming out but when they do, you can be sure we’ll be breaking the news to you guys. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, why not give a few custom unofficial Jelly Bean ROMs a try on your Galaxy S2 I9100 → here, the Galaxy S2 I9100G → here, and the Galaxy Note → here.


  1. Official news from unofficial site?
    Are you ok?

  2. Official news from unofficial site?
    Are you ok?

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