Nokia 3, 3.1, 3.1 Plus, 3.2 updates: Android 10 released for the 3.1 Plus and 3.2 handsets

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For all the latest updates on the Nokia 3 family of handsets, you are in the right place. On this page, we’ve put together all info in regards to the Nokia 3 OS and monthly security updates alongside their release dates, software version, and changelogs, all in chronological order.

Latest news

Update [May 14, 2020]: The Android 10 update is now available for Nokia 3.1 Plus users. The update is available for the users in many countries but will be limited to 10% users in the first phase, with 50% users covered in the second phase that begins on May 16th, and finally, all the 3.1 plus users on May 18th onwards.

Nokia 3.1 Plus Android 10 update

Update [April 07, 2020]: Nokia has begun the rollout of Android 10 update for its Nokia 3.2 handset. The big update arrives as software version V2.270, sized 1.31GB,  and is becoming available as an OTA right now.

June 04, 2019: The Nokia 3 2017 is now receiving the update to Android 9 Pie, finally.

Android 10 update

  • May 14: Nokia 3.1 Plus received Android 10
  • April 07: Nokia 3.2 has received the Android 10 update today
  • Nokia 3.1 is also eligible for Android 10 update
  • The update may arrive in Q2 2020
Device Current OS Android 10 update
Nokia 3 Android 9 Pie Not eligible
Nokia 3.1 Android 9 Pie Expected in Q2 2020
Nokia 3.1 Plus Android 10 Released on May 14, 2020
Nokia 3.2 Android 10 Released on April 07, 2020

Following the update to Android 9 Pie, the Nokia 3 2017 will no longer receive Android OS upgrades. This means no Android 10. As for the Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 3.1 Plus, an update to Q is guaranteed, but the wait could go all the way to Q2 2020.

Android 9 Pie update

Device Current OS Android Pie update
Nokia 3 Android 9 Pie Released on June 03, 2019
Nokia 3.1 Android 9 Pie Released on March 14, 2019
Nokia 3.1 Plus Android 9 Pie Released on February 26, 2019

The Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1 and Nokia 3.1 Plus have now received Android 9 Pie updates.

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  1. Nokia3.1 have released Android 9 pie is available 14 Mar 2019

  2. Nokia3 Android pie is Available v.5.12 update in 3-6-2019

  3. It is May 21, 2020 and I still have not gotten Android 10 my Nokia 3.1 Plus.
    Also, it is not listed on the page: last updated May 11

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