Nokia 2V: All you need to know

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Nokia has had an interesting journey in the 150 years that have passed since its inception, far more adventurous than any other tech company on the planet. Its humble beginnings in the town of Nokia in Finland were as a pulp mill. Later it turned its attention to other things and evolved into a rubber-producing and electricity-generating unit. Then the company dipped its feet further in the deep waters of electronics and began making, among other things, TVs and mobile phones.

The world bore witness to its ascent and eventual global domination in the mobile world all through the 1990s and 2000s. Several of is products, such as Nokia 6600 and Nokia 3310 were rockstars in their own right. Powered by Symbian OS, Nokia phones came to be known for their hard-as-a-rock build quality.

When the next revolution came in the form of touchscreen phones and Android OS, Nokia was swept away in the storm. Following a series of sellouts, shutdowns, and acquisitions, Nokia was administered CPR and brought back to life by its owner HMD Global, with Android as its operating system, beginning from 2016.

Since then, Nokia has seen decent success and has been building up its reputation steadily. With its latest offering, the Nokia 2V, the brand promises to deliver on its newfound adulation.

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Nokia 2V Specs

  • 5.5-inch 16:9 HD+ LCD display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB expandable storage, up to 128GB
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • 5 MP front camera
  • 4000mAh battery
  • Android 8.1 Oreo Go, upgradable to Android Pie
  • Colors: Blue, Silver

Officially named the Nokia 2.1, Verizon Wireless rechristened it as the Nokia 2V, which is why the phone is recognized more by the former name than the latter.

Pricing and Availability

Nokia 2V is sold all over the U.S. in Verizon stores and on their official website priced at $69.99.

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What you should know about the Nokia 2V

Here is a rundown of some of the features you should know about the Nokia 2V. The main attributes of the device discussed below highlight why it id good, and why it isn’t.

Larger Battery

For such an incredibly reasonable price, the Nokia 2V holds a hefty 4000mAh battery. Coupled with Android Go, an operating system designed to minimize battery expenditure, the Nokia 2V can do a marathon run of 2 days on a single charge. The phone can also be charged pretty quickly thanks to the support for 5V/2A that pumps a maximum of 10W, the most a non-fast charging phone can allow.

Better Performance

As noted, the Nokia 2V runs on Android 8.1 Oreo Go edition. The phone has been diligently crafted to cut costs on the frills and trills that come in every other phone but are not of much use to anyone, yet made zero compromises on the essentials. Being an Android Go phone entails that there is no lag, no speedy battery drain, even after app updates.

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Even better is that HMD Global will be rolling out the update to Android 9 Pie Go edition before the end of Q1 2019.

Rudimentary Design

From an aesthetic perspective, Nokia 2V does not score high with us. Its metallic casing feels a little tacky. It comes in 2 basic colors, navy blue and silver, when there are far more attractive and bold colors selling like hot cakes – rose gold, for instance.


With a mere 1GB of RAM, Nokia 2V sorely disappoints. Nokia may be hoping to get away with this based on the real-time performance of the phone on the Android Go operating system, but even by those standards, 1GB of RAM feels like heading back to ancient times, right?

Nevertheless, the Nokia 2V is still a great phone for anyone in the market for a backup phone that hardly disappoints or even one for kids.

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Should you buy the Nokia 2V?

Well, considering all of the above, the good battery it packs in and a decent performance Nokia’s software provides, we have to say that the 2V is a solid option.

If you are in a market for a very basic smartphone at Verizon, then Nokia 2V sure ticks all the must-have boxes.

Another option you have is Moto E5 Plus, which as its plus and down points compared to the Nokia 2V, but for their price, both are good features, and you shall buy whichever you like the most. For this price, these two are the best of the lot.

Nokia 2V accessories

Looking for a few items like a case, screen protector, tempered glass, etc.? Well, we have got you covered. Have a look at our coverage of some of the best Nokia 2V accessories available at the moment at the link right below.

Top Nokia 2V accessories

What are your thoughts on the Nokia 2V?