Best Nokia 2V accessories: Cases, Tempered Glass, Screen protector, and more

Nokia 2V accessories

Nokia is finally making its way back in the US market with the launch of the Nokia 2V at Verizon and there are already a bunch of cool accessories available for the device.

Most of us look out for great accessories such as cases and skins for our shiny new devices to prevent them from being damaged or simply to differentiate our smartphone from the others.

However, finding the right accessories for the device can get a little tricky since it’s super hard to judge which product might be good and which might not be worth spending on.

Nokia 2V: All you need to know

To help save you the trouble of spending a couple of hours online trying to pick up a case, screen protector, tempered glass and other such stuff for your brand new Verizon Nokia 2V, we’ve curated a list of the best accessories available for the device right now.

Let’s check out the best Nokia 2V accessories to purchase right now.

Best cases for the Nokia 2V

TopACE TPU Rubber Gel Shock-Absorption case

This clear case by TopACE protects your device by absorbing the impact in case you happen to drop your Nokia 2V. The anti-scratch case is also quite slim and avoids adding too much bulk to the device.

Apart from being slim, it’s also lightweight which assures the device does not feel too bulky when in your hands. The case is also soft to the touch and fits the device snuggly unlike some other cases.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

KuGi Nokia 2.1 case

This case from the company KuGi offers some good protection for the Nokia 2V since the case helps prevent damage to the device in case it falls to the floor. More importantly, this case from KuGi is also anti-slip hence you wouldn’t find the device sliding around smooth surfaces such as a glass table.

The case slips on to the device pretty easily and the device rests securely within the case hence there’s no reason to worry about the case falling off or scratching the device by constantly rubbing against the edges. The case is available in two color options; navy blue and black.

Buy on Amazon ($8.50)

Nokia Android 9 Pie update

TopACE Slim Robot Armor Stand Shockproof Hybrid Rugged Case

The product name is definitely a mouthful; however, you get an all-in-one sort of case if you decide to pick up the TopAce Slim Robot Rugged case. The case doubles as a stand for the Nokia 2V in case you simply want to place the device on a flat surface and watch videos/movies.

This durable case would also prevent your device from being damaged due to fall. Apart from that, the case is also anti-slip which means your device wouldn’t be slipping and sliding around.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

TopACE Ultra Thin Carbon Fiber Scratch Resistant Case

Here’s another great case from the company TopACE. This anti-scratch case is super thin and lightweight which means you don’t fancy carry around your device in a bulky case, then this case is definitely worth the buy.

Even though the case is ‘ultra-thin‘, the case offers great protection for the Nokia 2V and should help keep the device safe from a fall from a medium height. The material used in the case also prevents your fingerprints from being smugged all over it. The case is available in multiple colors as well.

Buy on Amazon ($8.99)

Ultra-Thin DD Style PU Cover Nokia 2V

If you’re looking for great protection all around for the Nokia 2V, then this cool case from KuGi has you covered. The flip style case offers decent protection against scratches and minor drops and is made out of premium PU leather.

The case can also act as a kickstand for your device to hold it up in landscape mode. The buttons and ports are easily accessible and the case offers a precise fit for the Nokia 2V.

Buy on Amazon ($10.50)

Luxmo Vertical Series Holder

This cool vertical pouch-style phone holder lets you place in the Nokia 2V or any other compatible device. The case provides some decent drop protection and also has a soft inner lining to prevent the device from picking up scratched and scuffs.

The case also comes with a secure and sturdy belt loop and an optional carabiner clip. The strong magnetic closing flap prevents the device from falling out even when upside down.

Buy on Amazon ($9.99)

Other cool accessories

Skinomi TechSkin Brushed Aluminum Film + Screen protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases which usually add some heft and bulk to the device yet still want to protect your Nokia 2V from scratches, then this screen protector and skin combination would be a great alternative to cases.

The brushed metal texture on the skin feels great to the touch and also helps prevent the device from being scratched while in your pocket or even in some situations where the device might take a minor fall. The screen protector also helps prevent the screen from being scratched.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

IQ Shield Matte Full Coverage Anti-Glare Screen Protector

The IQ Shield screen protector reduces glare on the screen which you might notice when using other cheap screen protectors in well-lit areas. The screen protector also comes with a special coating on the outer layer to help prevent fingerprints and grime from being visible.

More importantly, unlike other screen protector packages, the IQ Shield screen protector comes with all the necessary installation tools so you’d be able to install the screen protector by yourself without having to worry about bubbles forming under the screen protector.

Buy on Amazon (7.85)

TopACE 9H Hardness [Case Friendly][Anti-Scratch] Tempered Glass

This tempered glass from TopAce for the Nokia 2V protects the screen from all sorts of things including scratches and can even protect the screen from shattering from a minor drop.

The glass is only 0.3mm thick hence it wouldn’t interfere with the touch response of the device. Since this isn’t a plastic screen protector, there’s no reason to worry about reduced screen brightness or quality when looking at the device’s screen.

Buy on Amazon ($8.98)

Skinomi MatteSkin Full Skin Coverage + Screen Protector

If you aren’t a big fan of cases or fancy skins, then this cool screen protector and matte skin combo is the best option for the Nokia 2V. The package contains a screen protector to prevent the screen from being scratched and also cuts down on glare to improve visibility in bright environments.

You also get a full body matte skin that can be applied separately around the device to prevent the device from picking up any scratched without adding much bulk at all. The skin is also fingerprint resistant hence you wouldn’t have to worry about wiping the device after each use.

Buy on Amazon ($12.95)

KuGi Nokia 2V Screen Protector

If you’re looking for a great screen protector the offers the best bang for your buck, then this screen protector is the one to go for. The screen protector is priced fairly low when compared to some of the other screen protectors.

Since this screen protector is tempered glass, there’s not much image distortion as compared to other plastic screen protectors. This tempered glass protector also has an oleophobic coating which helps prevent smudges and fingerprints.

Buy on Amazon ($4.95)

Verizon Micro-USB Braided Charge-and-Sync Cable with LED Light

This is one of the best Micro-USB charging and syncing cable you could probably get for the Nokia 2V. The cable is extremely tough and would last much longer than most other traditional Micro-USB cables since the cable is braided.

You also get a cool push-to-activate LED light at the tip of the cable to ensure you always plug in the cable in the right way even in a dark environment. The cable also comes in a bunch of different colors as well to choose from.

Buy on Amazon ($14.99)

Cellet USB Cable

Here’s another great Micro-USB cable for charging and data transfer for the Nokia 2V. The 9 feet long cable ensures you don’t have to stick up to the power outlet while you’re using the device while charging.

The cable is also durable and wouldn’t be easily damaged with regular usage. The cable has a premium metallic housing, unlike most other USB cables which have a plastic housing.

Buy on Amazon: ($11.99)

Cellet Air Vent Mount

If you often use your device for navigation in the car, then here’s a cool air vent mount from Cellet which acts as a phone holder to place your device safely in view. The rotating clip allows you to securely attach the mount to any kind of air vent.

This accessory can support devices with up to 6-inch screens hence the Nokia 2V would easily fit snuggly within the holder.

Buy on Amazon: ($8.99)

ATWATEC Micro USB Car Charger

Here’s a cool accessory to help you safely and quickly charge your Nokia 2V in your car. This car charger has a standard output of 5V/3.4A. The car charger is also quite durable and comes with an attached charging cable.

Apart from the charging cable the car charger also has a USB port which lets you charge any other device using a cable of your own.

Buy on Amazon: ($12.98)

Cellet Retractable Stereo in-Ear Headphone

If you’re fed up of having to untangle the cable of your earphones each time you need to use them, then these retractable earphones are the ones to pick up. You wouldn’t have to worry about having to organize the earphone cable since the retractable style earphones solve that issue.

The sound quality isn’t something to write home about; however, for the price, the audio quality is good if not great.

Buy on Amazon ($8.95)


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