No more HTC Android tablets for US, company not looking forward to this game

The Taiwanese giant, HTC, announced today, that it had decided to back out of the tablet market, at least in the United States, further stating that it was a great learning experience for them. Earlier this week, HTC posted their financial results for Q3-2012 ending September, and the numbers did not tell a happy story overall.

The tablet market in the US has been especially tight, and HTC has faced some stiff competition from players like Samsung, Apple, Google, Asus and Amazon, all of which have produced best-selling products like the Galaxy Tab series, the iPad 3,  Nexus 7, the Transformer Prime and the Kindle Fire HD. HTC’s tablet offerings like the HTC Flyer or Jetstream did not really make the kind of impact on the market that the competition did, and eventually got squeezed between the high-end products from Samsung/Apple/Asus and the budget offerings from Google and Amazon.

HTC has said that it would continue to watch the tablet market very closely, and might want to re-enter if they see an opportunity where they can be competitive.

So for now, it looks like we won’t be seeing any tablets from HTC any time soon, although it is quite possible that if and when they do decide to re-enter the tablet arena, it might well be through a Windows 8 device.