HTC quarterly earnings are out, both revenue and profits on fall

With Q3 of 2012 wrapping up, it’s time to take stock of fiscal performance, and HTC has released its quarterly revenue and earnings numbers. While the company has still ended up making a profit, the figures are significantly lower than the last quarter, or for that matter Q3 earnings of 2011.

HTC has recorded $133 million in net income post taxes on a gross revenue of $2.39 billion, which is considerably lower than $247 million  on a revenue of $3 billion reported at the end of Q2 this year. It is also a far stretch from what HTC recorded the same time last year, in fact is a little less than half of what was recorded in Q3 of 2011.

HTC has faced stiff competition from the likes of Samsung and Apple over the past year, and despite launching well received phones like the One Series this year, HTC has failed to achieve unit sales in quantities as high as Samsung’s Galaxy line-up.

Q4 though, could well see a reversal of fortunes for the Taiwanese giant, with some promising devices like the HTC One X+, One VX and the rumoured Droid Incredible X. HTC would also be renewing its focus on the Windows Phone space through the release of the Windows Phone 8X and 8S handsets, which have been chosen by Microsoft as ‘signature’ devices to showcase the upcoming Windows Phone 8 system.

All of this, just in time for the holiday season should ideally help HTC along, but chances are, that they would still be playing catch-up to Samsung and Apple, who at this point, seem to be the only two players who seem to have got their game right. At least that’s what the sales numbers are saying.