Nexus 7 subjected to a 60+ foot Drop Test – Holds up pretty well though.

It never ceases to amaze me, and frankly infuriatingly so, why people would want to subject a perfectly good device, irrespective of its brand or caliber, to inane tests such as deliberately dropping it to the ground, putting it into a blender, and in one crazy case, spraying it with bullets from a sub-machine gun even!

If the objective is to conduct a fair impact resistance test, come on, the OEM tests it for most real-life impact situations. But if the goal here is to get some kicks out of it, or to just appease fanboy egos, then all I can  say is that some serious professional help is in order.

Gizmodo reports that Mac Weekend conducted a so-called drop-test with a Google Nexus 7 earlier today. Which is fine from an impact resistance comparison perspective, except that they weren’t comparing it to anything. Secondly, the drop-test involved tossing the Nexus 7 from atop a building, down to the ground – which is a good 60-feet plus drop. Not sure what they were thinking, but a hardened 6 foot tall homo-sapien wouldn’t be able to hold up against a 60 foot drop, let alone a poor 7 – inch tablet.

Anyway, with the terrible deed done, the tester scrutinizes the Nexus 7 on the ground, and is actually surprised to see that  it holds up pretty well, and is still in one piece. I’d love to see how an iPad mini fares at that. Unfortunately, there is no way of checking if it powers on, since the power button seems to have gotten damaged with the impact. Not surprising, given the height, but impressive, given the fact that the front is intact and whole, except for the bruises and scratches on the glass panel, and the back panel has come a bit loose.

Here’s the video clip below, for you to check out for yourself how the Nexus 7 fares. Asus sure seems to have done an awesome job with the build quality, and I for one, am glad to have gotten one for myself.

[youtube video_id=”8QS4e9ETaDc” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]