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Nexus 6 Android Pay issue silently fixed by Google, update your Pay app

The latest Android 7.1.1 update for Nexus 6 has brought along a new issue for several users. After updating their Nexus 6 devices to build N6F26U, several users complained that they could no longer use Android Pay.

Apparently, users were getting a CTS fail error and Android Pay wouldn’t work. For some, their payment methods and all card details were removed as well. Trying to clear cache, uninstall and reinstall the Pay app did not seem to fix the problem.

I’m on a nexus 6 and received android 7.1.1 march security update last night. Today, I open Android pay to add another card. Android pay opened with no issue, however, when I tapped on the “+” to add another card, I received a notice that android pay can’t be used. Google is unable to verify that your device or the software running on it is android compatible.

Google didn’t really come out and talk about this, but it looks like they may have fixed it silently. As per a recent comment on the thread, updating to the latest Android Pay version seems to have fixed the problem.

Just got an Android Pay update from the Play Store.  And Android Pay still works with 7.1.1 N6F26U.  I had done the clear, disable, etc. before to get Android Pay to work.
So yes, if you’re using a Nexus 6 and are facing problems with Android Pay, install the update and check to see if it works.

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