Nexus 4 Price set at 599 Euros by LG outside of Google Play Store

Nexus 4 Price by LG

There is some very disappointing news we gotta share with you – those holding out for the Nexus 4 will be sad to learn that LG is looking to price the Nexus 4 at 599 Euros ($770 approx.) outside of Play Store, where Google has priced the 8 GB model at just $299 while 16 GB goes at just $349.

Since Google isn’t selling the Nexus 4 everywhere – only 7 countries are lucky to get it directly from Play Store: U.S., UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and Canada – the prospective buyers of Nexus 4 are going to be naturally disheartened by the pricing policy LG looks to be adopting for the Nexus 4, which actually means the non-Play Store pricing will be more than double of the Play Store pricing.

The news comes from the official statement Phone House, a well known retail chain in Spain, wherein it stated that since LG’s pricing is set at 599 Euros, they aren’t interested in selling the Nexus 4 via their stores, or online. Even though Spanish Android fans won’t be troubled much by this announcement as they’ve got the blessings of dear Google and its Play Store, many fans of Nexus series across the world will be sadden by this.

And since Google has remained completely silent on extending the Google Play to other countries anytime soon in its official statement announcing the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and new Nexus 7 tablets, one cannot expect the Nexus 4 selling in countries other than the seven mentioned above anytime soon. That’s sad. We hope Google’s listening, or LG.

Meanwhile, you can join the numerous users who’re flocking to LG’s Facebook page to voice over their concern, and hate, for this.

Late us know what you think via comments below. If you are looking to buy the Nexus 4 too, what options have you got in your country to secure the Nexus 4 at cost comparatively lower than 599 Euros?

I, for one, am looking forward to buy it from – did the same for Galaxy Nexus too – and would recommend other fellow Indians too. I guess I should be able to grab one (16 GB of course) for INR 25K ($450) approx., even though it won’t have LG India warranty. FYI, the Galaxy Nexus costing $350 in US is currently selling for around INR 23K by reputed sellers rated 98% and above. Since LG is set to launch the Nexus 4 in India, I don’t have to worry about parts availability either, which was a huge concern with Galaxy Nexus as Samsung never launched it in India. So, there’s some plus point with LG’s Nexus, for what it’s worth.

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  1. I checked up on google, the 16 GB variant can be pre ordered for 27K INR while the 8 GB can be found for 23K. The mark up, though not 600 euros, is still pretty ridiculous.

  2. I’m suddenly finding the Galaxy Nexus worth holding on to for some more time…it will anyway be one of the first devices to get updated to 4.2…so all i’m missing out on is the quad-core and 8MP cam…I don’t use the cam much, and I doubt if currently available apps are developed to take advantage of all 4 cores that the Nexus 4 packs.

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