New Play Store UI update is rolling out for some users today

Over the years, we have seen the Google Play Store evolve and redesign itself to reflect the company’s bold accents. The soothing green UI works well for most users, but as per reports, a very noticeable change is on the horizon.

As per some Reddit users, the Google Play Store has reportedly adopted a new look, ditching its traditional green accents for a cleaner, “not so cartoony” look.

The update first appeared a few months back in select regions, and while it was received graciously by most users, Google didn’t initiate a global rollout. And now, after taking its sweet time, the company has finally started to make it available for a bigger section of users.

If your Google Play doesn’t get the update — app version 15.8.23 —  automatically, try clearing the storage and cache of the app. And if that doesn’t do the trick, wait patiently for Google to roll out the update to your region.

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