Popular 2048 Game gets even more exciting with Circular 2048

2048 have been a massively popular game for some time. It just took over our phones like the Flappy Bird did! The Game has also inspired many rip-offs like the Flappy bird has. There are so many versions of 2048 in play store, many of them are just a clone, while some others improved the idea and proves to be worthy competitors to the original (For eg, Flappy 2048). A new game in the Play store, Circular 2048, aims to belong to that second group of 2048 games. It has similar gameplay as that of 2048, but has circular tiles, instead of the familiar square tiles.

The objective of the game is to reach 2048 by combining tiles. When two arcs of the same value are merged, they become a single tile with their total value. The Circular tiles used in the game can be bit confusing at first. Also the controls are difficult to understand at first. The tiles may not move around as we want it to be. It takes practice. It would have been good if the developer included a tutorial.

[quote]The gameplay is similar to that of the original and it’s damn addicting![/quote]

There are four modes in the game – Pizza, Classic, Tripart, and Ultimate. The Difficulty level increases in the same order.  In Pizza, The tiles are arranged in shape of a pizza, in which we can swipe the tiles in the direction we want to move, similar to that of the original. But this requires a bit of practice, as this circular swiping is confusing.

The gameplay is similar to that of the original and it’s damn addicting! Swiping anywhere to make two tiles merge together like original 2048 does not work really well here. Instead, you should swipe on the tiles and move them in the particular direction. The four different modes in the game represent the difficulty, and by the number of circular tiles.


Overall it is a good simple game, which you must download if you liked the 2048 puzzle. It takes some time to get used to it’s gameplay. But, it gives an excellent alternative for your time killing, and as usual it’s free, with ads. But no In-app purchases. Download Circular 2048 from the link given below.

 icon-download  Download Circular 2048