New Alternative Market for Android ─ Fireplace Marked

As opposed to iOS (unjailbroken), Android users enjoy the luxury of being able to download apps from various sources other than the official Android Market. With the popularity of Android growing by leaps and bounds each day, it was only natural that alternative avenues for hosting of apps would come up.

Some of these popular alternative app stores for Android are listed below:

  • Amazon App Store
  • Opera Mobile App Store
  • GetJar
  • AndApp Store
  • OnlyAndroid Superstore by Mobihand
  • Insyde Market

While the list above is not the most exhaustive, these are the more popular alternatives that Android users have been using. And now, we just got word that there is a ‘new kid on the block’!!  XDA Senior member spxc has created a new market which will host Android apps. It is called the Fireplace, and considering it comes from an XDA member, is designed to undergo ongoing improvement, through community feedback.

The app is currently in a beta stage, and does not have too many apps, but it does look promising, to say the least. I installed it on my phone, and it was interesting to see a ‘repository’ option, like on a Debian based Linux distro. It does not do anything at this point, but hey ─ the developer did put it there for a reason. Have a look at the screenshot above to see some of the apps currently available on Fireplace.

Some of the features of Fireplace Marked include:

  • Home screen
  • View / Download apps
  • Repository (dont do anything ATM)
  • Installed apps
  • Storage / Info
  • Search (not working ATM)

You can download it HERE. You can also visit the developer’s thread on XDA HERE & the original blog HERE to check for new developments on Fireplace Marked. Do try it out, and let us know how you liked it in comments below.