MyXperia, a Sony Cloud Storage service in plans?

Sony has just trademarked a new term through the OHM or Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market in Europe. The term is called MyXperia, and based on the trademark listing, it appears to be a service/application for  “upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission and delivery of digital content and media” .

All of the the terms used above which define the purpose of this app or service, seem to point towards one thing – Cloud Storage.It would appear based on this, that Sony is developing its own proprietary cloud storage service, rather than bundling other third party services with its smartphones.

With phones fast gaining ability to view as well as capture high-definition content, and the need to keep weight and slimness of design low, cloud storage seems to be the way forward, and nothing like having your own service for your customers. No other details are available about MyXperia as of now, but we expect Sony to announce something soon enough. It is the month of announcements and events after all.