Mysterious HTC Device Shows up in Leaked Image. 5-inch Galaxy Note Competitor?

Rumors have been circulating for quite a long time that HTC is prepping a 5-inch device to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note, which will be apparently a bigger and badder version of the One X with a faster Tegra 3+ processor and higher HSPA+ speeds. Now, a pic of a mysterious HTC device have surfaced, which might be the 5″ device that they are working on.

The image was stumbled upon by a reader of Phandroid. The Chinese forum TechOrz labels the device as the Endeavor C2 which will feature a 1.7 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 processor along with more than 1GB RAM. It will also supposedly be compatible with existing One X accessories, which would make it an upgraded One X for sure. While the device in the image does look similar to the One X, it could be that the screen size was bumped up to 5″ from the One X’s 4.7″ without changing the overall size and dimensions.

The device, whatever it may be called in the end, will most probably be released in Q4 2012. With Samsung all set to release the Galaxy Note 2 and LG coming up with their Snapdragon S4 Pro powered Optimus G in Q4, the Endeavor C2 might need to tick a lot of boxes to compete and do well.