Midjourney Without Discord: What You Need to Know

Midjourney can create unique images using AI and your imagination and has become one of the most preferred tools for generating art online. Despite its immense popularity, many users are put off from using Midjourney, mostly because it currently only operates as a Discord server. For those of you unfamiliar with Discord, it’s a messaging app popular among communities where messages are meant to be shared with a wider audience. 

If you’re interested in using Midjourney but don’t want to jump through the hoops of learning how to use Discord, the following post should explain whether or not you can use Midjourney without Discord, what other alternatives you can try, and why you should give this AI tool a try. 

Can you use Midjourney without Discord? 

No. Unlike AI art generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion, Midjourney is fully integrated into Discord, the social messaging app that allows communities to interact with each other. This means, to start creating AI images with Midjourney, you need to sign up for an account on Discord which has been one of the reasons why people are put off from trying out the AI art creator. 

This is because, for some users, Discord can get a little overwhelming to use as it has a clunky-looking UI with no clear way to help you navigate through its options. Even if you find your way around the platform, there’s still a steep learning curve associated with using Midjourney in it, since you’ll have to get access to Midjourney’s servers, learn what prompts to use and where to add them, and how to create your AI art in private. All of this can be too much to deal with for most people, even the ones who are tech-savvy. 

Midjourney without Discord: Alternatives to use

If you don’t wish to use Discord at all, you should forget about creating art on Midjourney. Unlike other AI image creators, Midjourney cannot be used from their official website, at least not yet. Fortunately, there are other options you can use to create art using text prompts:

You can check out our dedicated post below to get a detailed idea about what each of these tools offers:

▶︎ 5 Ways to Turn Text Into AI Art: Best Paid and Free Tools Explained

Should you use ‘Midjourney with Discord’ or an alternative?

When it comes to using AI art generators, there are a lot of factors to consider before you can finalize the tool that you personally like. While jumping over the Discord hoop can be considered a drawback on Midjourney’s side, there are certain things that this tool excels at.

  • Images created on Midjourney look more artistic and stress less on photorealism.  
  • You can save images at a higher resolution – 2048 × 1280 px
  • You can use additional prompts to change the aspect ratio of images. 
  • Midjourney enhances your input prompt with its own style to give unique-looking images. The same kind of images would require additional sets of keywords when being created on other tools like DALL-E or Stable Diffusion. For instance, adding the same prompt on other tools may result in less-appealing images than the one created using Midjourney.  
  • Midjourney can apply any art type or an artist’s style without hiccups to create a new piece of art. 
  • Its subscription-based plans allow you to create any number of images on Relaxed GPU time (limited on Fast GPU time) unlike other tools that offer limited usage for a premium. 

In addition to the list of advantages above, using Midjourney on Discord also has its own perks. 

  • Since creating art on Midjourney requires you to send a message to the Midjourney bot, all of the images you create with this tool will be saved on your account and viewable at any time just like any other message on Discord. Unlike web tools that can delete your creation as soon as you close its browser tab, your Midjourney creations stay with you forever. 
  • Midjourney’s Discord server doesn’t just show you its AI-generated image but also lets you upscale or make variations of the creations any number of times. You can access these options on anything you create on Midjourney, even on images you created several months ago. 
  • While most other tools will force you to use their latest versions, you can use any of Midjourney’s older versions to create AI art and then remaster them using newer algorithms to compare the results. Older versions of Midjourney can be run within Discord using the “–<version number>” parameter which can be entered alongside your input prompt. 
  • You can view and access the creations of others by checking out Midjourney’s Discord server at any time. This will help you learn new prompts and get inspiration for creating more art on the platform. 

How to join and start using Midjourney on Discord

If you’re willing to use Discord to create AI-generated images on Midjourney, you can get started by logging into your Discord account and then joining the Midjourney server on Discord by clicking on this Midjourney invite link or by going to the Midjourney website and clicking on Join the beta option. From here, you can subscribe to one of Midjourney’s plans and then start using the tool to create an art of your choice. You can check our dedicated guide on using Midjourney from the link below:

▶︎ How to Use Midjourney on Discord

We hope you you will come to agree that using Discord makes Midjourney and experience much more coherent and complete than it seems at first. Let us know what you think.

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  1. I don’t use Discord for gaming, nor I will use it in office. Its a privacy nightmare and I have no understanding why so many people tap into this trap.
    Other generative AI’s popping up fast, so, waiting a couple of weeks will fix this problem soon.

    1. Haha totally- the speed at which it’s moving will wipe out any of these turds that refuse to adjust. Discord SUCKS.

  2. It’s crazy that with all the money they are earning with one of the most popular AI image generators that’s using a custom, superior and irreplaceable model, they still haven’t finished a web interface. It’s easily doable in a month unless they want to build in a whole bunch of fancy tracking features or something. They can allow you to link to Discord and then post messages for you in their Discord server depending on what you typed in and which checkboxes you checked in the web interface.

  3. Why would I want to use something to create art that will immediately show everyone on there the art? I want it for private use, to sell commercially.

    1. Privacy options available at higher subscription fees for commercial use.

  4. Discord isn’t worth a shit. Why is it so popular. And Midjourney’s user agreement says you agree they can sell your personal info to 3rd parties. Midjourney requires a phone number. I don’t give my phone number to anyone so they can know exactly who I am, where I live, my height, age, and race. Anyone stupid enough to support Midjourney on Discord is making it bad for everyone else because as long as it gets all those subscriptions from fools who give away their right to privacy just to create pretty images there’s no reason it’ll do otherwise.

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