MicroG GmsCore: Try this if you can’t get/download/don’t want Gapps Google Apps)

The open-source environment of the Android OS is not just why it is so widespread, the openness also makes room for the mobile platform to be adopted by various brands worldwide. But even with all of the freedom, Google does hold somewhat of a monopoly, which is guided through the Google Play Services and the entire conglomeration of Google Apps, starting with the Google Play Store (latest APK).

However, due to market competition and certain regional restrictions in place, brands such as Amazon with its Fire devices, and regions such as China have restricted the web of Google’s apps and services across the Android OS. Moreover, the fact that Google keeps a tab of all your personal data along with your locational information can seem too intrusive to some. While sideloading apps makes it possible to do away with the Google Play Store, the intertwined element of Google Play Services forces almost every app and service to pass through it. So unless you have Google Play Services running, most apps and services won’t work on your device.

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Why microG GmsCore beats Open GApps Project

For of the users across the world who were deprived of the Google Play Store and the web of services that come with it, Open GApps Project was created to bring the collection of Google apps in a single flashable .ZIP file. So whether you have a custom ROM installed or regionally-restricted device, Open GApps makes it possible to bring about the power of Google.

But the fact that you need to have a custom recovery installed on your Android device to flash the Open GApps packages makes it less mainstream, which is where the microG GmsCore is different. Comprising of the very “core” features of the microG Project, GmsCore is available in APK form, so you can install the basic components to make Google Play Services compatible apps work without installing additional Google Apps or even using a TWRP custom recovery.

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micro Gapps

Things to know

  1. GmsCore needs Android 4.4 KitKat and older to run.
  2. While it may work on stock ROM (may cause bugs every now and then), it is meant for GApps-free custom ROMs.
  3. GmsCore needs the ROM to support signature faking. If you have Xposed Installer up and running, you can get this module to support signature faking.
  4. If you have GApps currently or previously installed, make sure to remove all of its elements before installing microG GmsCore.

How to use Google Lens

How to install microG GmsCore

  1. Download and install the Services Core “com.google.android.gms” APK file (Download Link ).
  2. If you want to be able to use the Google Cloud Messaging service to receive push notifications, download and install the Services Framework Proxy “com.google.android.gsf” APK file (Download Link).
  3. If you wish to gain Google Play Store access, download the APK file from here.
  4. However, if you don’t want dedicated access to the Google Play Store but wish to spoof it, download and install the Store (FakeStore release) APK file (Download Link).

With the microG GmsCore and additional apps and services up and running, you can log into the Google services without letting Google take over the entire working of your Android device. The best part is that you get all of this in APK form so you don’t need to flash anything through TWRP custom recovery.

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