Meizu patent reveals use of secondary display on back for low battery situation

Looks like Meizu is planning to add a new feature on its upcoming devices, wherein the device would switch to secondary small display on the back when low on battery power, like 5%, to get you much increased usage time from the device.

Of course, that will be in a limited way, as the secondary display would only show limited info. Think of Android smartwatches, and you get a feeling that the secondary display could still do a pretty good job.

Even if you don’t like being forced to secondary display use when low on battery, we think Meizu will let you choose or not choose so anyway. Firing up a secondary display for longer device usage as a great last resort to keep connected in cool, no?

What is your view on this tech? We’re definitely liking it as a concept.

Meizu recently released the M5 Note and Pro 6 Plus handsets, all of them with Flyme OS 6.0, latest update to their custom skin. A list of devices expected to receive the Flyme OS 6.0 update is also available, although not confirmed.

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