Magisk 14.5 makes hiding root access a lot easier

magisk 14.5

Magisk, the tool that lets you root your smartphone with ease, has received an update that brings a couple of new changes. The most important change though, is its ability to hide root access.

The latest Magisk 14.5 is available right now and if you’ve already got Magisk on your device, you can update it directly. Firstly, the latest version includes a new Dynamic Runtime Initramfs setup, which makes the installation process similar on any supported device.

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Second, users can now not worry about some of their favorite apps not working due to Google’s SafetyNet API. Many apps nowadays feature this API that can detect root/Magisk, and stop working. The developer has apparently fixed this issue in the latest update. Well, he has fixed it for many apps, but there are some that can still detect Magisk.

Also, Magisk Manager can also be hidden now. This is done by renaming and repackaging the Manager while replacing it the actual one. However, this feature is still experimental and may not work all the time. In case it doesn’t work or causes issues, the developer recommends you reinstall the Magisk Manager and try hiding it again.

We have just explained the most important new features briefly, so if you want to read all the technical part, it’s best you hit the source link. There’s a lot more happening in the background, which makes the entire process even better than before.

Source: XDA

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