Latest Magisk beta update fixes issues with SafetyNet

Magisk has received an update on its beta channel that basically deals with an issue with SafetyNet. SafetyNet is a very essential feature and is a recent addition to Android security. It consists of new APIs that provide app security and ensure safe access to websites and other areas.

Magisk had initially supported this feature, but the SafetyNet check did not give a positive result for some users. This new update deals with that problem in particular. The update comes via Magisk version 13.0 (a90e8b6)/(96f8efc).

If you’re not familiar with Magisk, it is a system-less root interface that allows you to enable root access on your device without having to mess around with the main system partition. Basically, it offloads a ton of problems away for developers who create apps with root access.

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Via: XDA Developers