Looks like Google Pixel Taimen will be produced by LG, not HTC

Last year Google made news when it scrapped the Nexus series in favor of the new Pixel series. The first generation Pixel series had two smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL under its banner.

After they were launched, there were rumors that Google was working on three smartphones under the Pixel banner, which were codenamed as ‘Walleye’, ‘Muskie’ and ‘Taimen’.

However, a recent rumor suggests that Google has canceled the Muskie Pixel smartphone and instead will focus on only two devices – ‘Walleye’, and ‘Taimen’. Where Walleye is the successor of Pixel, also known as Pixel 2, Taimen is the successor of Pixel XL, also known as Pixel XL 2.

Now in a new rumor from the rumor mill, it looks like Taimen or Google Pixel XL 2 will be manufactured by LG and not HTC, which produced the first generation Pixel devices.

As far as the specs are concerned, the Google Pixel Taimen will feature Snapdragon 836 processor (incremental successor to Snapdragon 835) and will run on the latest Android O (8).

Also, as per the earlier leak, the device will feature 4GB RAM. Considering the OEM’s latest love for Bezel-less devices, we expect Taimen to be a bezel-less device, too (Let’s hope for the best or the bezel-less).

Source: 9to5Google