“Lollipop for Zenfone 4,5 and 6 delayed further” Says Asus

Asus users are in for a bit of disappointment as the company announced its decision to delay the launch of its Android 5.0 update meant for the Zenfone series. The update, which was meant to be released in May has apparently been delayed due to some technical issues which arose in the middle of the final stage testing.

A company representative while speaking on the topic had this to say “ASUS team has found some issues during verification. We decided to delay the Android L upgrade schedule in order to provide better user experience. We are currently working on the related issues and will release the upgrade as soon as possible,”

What’s more, it seems like the the Padfone S won’t be getting the Android 5.0 either and instead will continue to get Android 4.4-based firmware updates.

While we are completely in the dark as far as the Padfone update is concerned — considering that it’s due to some limitation of the device’s processor — and if it will be implemented at all, we do hope that Asus will not tarry long before it corrects whatever is holding up the update for the Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 taking into account the fact that Google released the Lollipop over 6 months ago.

Stay Tuned!

Source: Androidos