OnePlus TV Q1 and Q1 Pro updates: All you need to know

OnePlus TV updates

Having already captured a sizable chunk of the smartphone industry, OnePlus has devoted itself to bigger and, hopefully, even better things. The Chinese OEM, which happens to be the leading premium smartphone brand in India, unveiled its first-ever Android-powered smart TV at the end of September, catching many of us off-guard.

Since being revealed alongside the OnePlus 7T, much has been said about the 55-inch, beautifully-crafted entertainment machine. Jumping straight into the world of television can look a bit haphazard at first, but considering how untapped the market is, it could be a masterstroke from the company’s point of view.

The Q1 and Q1 Pro are identical in pretty much every aspect except sound, with the Pro version coming with an 8-driver setup compared to Q1’s 4. Both are exceptional machines in their own right, and OnePlus is preparing to make some further arrangements to make sure users are hooked right from the start.

In this section, we’ll keep track of all the updates for the Q1 TV, making sure you have all the information regarding OnePlus’ latest offering. Let’s get to it.


Latest News

October 01, 2019: OnePlus has started rolling out an update for its Q1 TV. Carrying software version TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_14_1909210202, the 813MB OTA introduces cool soundbar lighting effects and fixes known bugs.

OnePlus TV Q1 updates

Release date Software version — Changelog
01 Oct 2019 TV55Q1IN_2.A.01_GLO_14_1909210202 — Introduces soundbar lighting effects, fixes the problem of HDR content being overexposed, fixes connectivity issues with OnePlus connect, optimizes music casting over [Android 9 Pie TV OS]

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