Test Your Phone’s Firepower with the Benchmarking Tool, Linpack for Android!

Linpack for Android beanchmark tool

Wanna know how your android phone fares against others of its ilk, when it comes to speed and power? Use the ‘Linpack for android’ app that runs a benchmark test to calculate your device’s firepower.


  • It’s job is simple. Just hit the “Run Benchmark” button the app starts doing it job.
  • Displays the results in MFLOPS i.e. Millions of Floating Point Operations Per Second
  • It’s better than its competitor — another benchmark app, Quadrant — in the sense that improvement in MFLOPS brings in noticeable improvement in phone’s speed too! (based on trials we had on out rooted phone)
  • Save and/or upload your results
  • You can view other user’s results too — the best ones out there and the latest runs by users worldwide with details of phone/firmware and City/Country

While it’s a nice package for everyone, it’s a must have for users who have root their android phone to install new/custom firmwares in order to improve phone’s speed. Next time you update your firmware or install a lagfix or something, this app will help you make some clear distinctions.

BTW, don’t just rely on the very first benchmark you run with it. Try 3-4 runs to get the fair idea (it doesn’t take too much time there too). Sometimes, the first run just isn’t able to reflect the device’s capabilities properly (as we found in out tests).

The Samsung Galaxy S I have in my pocket gave a score of 8.04 MFLOPS with the Linpack, on the pre-loaded android 2.1. Thereafter, I rooted and installed another great android 2.1 firmware (as I was told!) with Samset 1.9 and CF’s the lagfix (found it all on a great forum, XDA Developer). The new score then was 7.34 MFLOPS from Linpack while Quadrant’s got 2139, up from 839. Sadly, there was no improvement on phone as I went upwards installing over 100 apps — which I need to inorder to be able to write here.

Then, I decided to switch to leaked android 2.2 firmware with no lagfix and bingo, I hit 14.29 MFLOPS and phone’s still running smooth with over 120 apps installed. Quadrant score, BTW is 967 – doesn’t matter to me, though.

Let us know us too, how many MFLOPS your android device got. Ok?

Download the LinPack for FREE.

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  1. It is not Linpack but CaffeineMark, but you can have a look at this website : http://www.flexycore.com/benchmark-database-access.html
    It has a database of several devices and ROMs and makes it easy to compare them.

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