OnePlus and Meizu caught cheating on their Benchmark scores

A new report from XDA Developers has brought to light that OnePlus and Meizu are targeting Benchmarking apps to show higher scores by keeping the CPU running at a higher frequency.

With the OnePlus 3T, whenever a benchmarking app is running, the CPU increases its frequency and continues to run at the same frequency throughout the test. This in turn, gives higher scores, and fools consumers.

The report suggests that OnePlus is specifically targeting apps like AnTuTu, Geekbench and other benchmarking apps. The tests were done using a secret Geekbench tool and XDA found that OnePlus is indeed cheating, as the regular and the secret version of the app showed different scores. Similar results were also found with the Meizu Pro 6 Plus.

XDA then contacted OnePlus and got a response from the company. According to OnePlus, this is done to keep the CPU cores running at higher frequency to help games and other graphic intensive apps to run smoother. They also admitted to target the Benchmarking apps, but stated that the targeting would be removed in the next OxygenOS update.

Cheating on benchmark scores isn’t new. Several OEMs, including Samsung, were caught doing the same in 2013. However, everything had come to an end, as benchmark scores are only a thing for enthusiasts. A regular smartphone user doesn’t really care about these numbers. XDA also performed these tests on other OEMs such as Sony, Huawei, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Google, etc, and found that none of them were cheating.

via: XDA

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