LineageOS update adds BlueBorne security patch, No ETA for LineageOS 15 official release though yet

The successor to the highly popular CyanogenMod ROM, the LineageOS is a free and open source operating system based on Android for smartphones. Their latest build LineageOS 15 is based on the Android Oreo 8.0 and is unofficially available for many devices.

LineageOS team shared an update on what’s going on with the LineageOS ROM, and that includes a ton of improvements added to the ROM. But many of you many be more curious on when the official LineageOS 15 nightly builds would be released by the team. Sadly, the team revealed that even though the work is in full swing, they can’t give you an ETA just yet.

About other changes, well, for starters, Privacy Guard of LineageOS has undergone a complete UI change. You will now get to see a new user interface. AudioFX has also been improved and now AudioFX can control reverb effect too. Moreover, the LineageOS updater app is all-new now, and if you were experiencing issues with updating the ROM through the app, that should be resolved now.

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Further, the LineageOS also gets September security patch and with that, it includes the Blueborne vulnerability patch too. Also, it is now possible to reapply the current system profile in LineageOS.

Talking about improvements, the Jelly browser in LineageOS supports more HTML 5 features. In addition to that, LineageOS has added a carrier selection shortcut on the home screen so that you can access it right from your home screen. Also, you can now customize notification lights setting for each email account.

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Apart from above changes, LineageOS has incorporated bug fixes such as hardware keys won’t light up when volume buttons are pressed and the camera app will not crash. These are all the changes that have been introduced to LineageOS source code since August 8th.

Source: LineageOS