12 Best Lightweight Mouse with Side Buttons

Computer peripherals have come a long way since they first came to exist but if there’s one thing manufacturers keep working on towards perfection is a Mouse. Modern computer mice have become more functional than ever with additional buttons, better sensitivity, long-lasting battery, and other utilities. However, adding more features to the mouse come at a cost – they’ve become bulkier over the years and weigh you down on extensive usage. 

All this has encouraged companies to develop a new range of mice – Lightweight or Ultralight Mice. In this post, we’ll explain to you why you should buy a lightweight mouse and provide you with the best wired and wireless mice you can buy with side buttons. 

Why buy a lightweight mouse with side buttons?

One reason we believe why lightweight mice have come into being is esports. The rise of the online gaming industry has propelled the need for lighter and more maneuverable mice that you can buy to extend your screen time when gaming and execute that pin-point kill-shot. If you’re wondering what you may benefit from by buying a lightweight or ultralight mouse, here are a bunch of reasons why:

  • Increase your mouse movement (obviously!)
  • Extend your game or work time
  • Improve your aim accuracy when gaming
  • Reduce hand, arm, or wrist fatigue 
  • Prevent the risk of medical injuries like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Not bulky and can be carried around easily
  • Buying one with side buttons provides you with more functions and shortcuts and can reduce the need for your keyboard if configured right

We have established that a lightweight mouse can be useful to you but how much should a mouse weigh to be considered lightweight? Most standard mice weigh over 100 grams with some gamer-heavy models going well over the 150-gram mark. While there is no specific weight set for mice, we are considering all mice weighing 80 grams or less as lightweight and in the sections below, we’ll provide you with the best options you can check out if you wish to buy a lightweight or ultralight mouse. 

Top 6 Wired Lightweight Mouse with Side Buttons

The following is list of options you can browse if you’re in the market for a wired mouse that is ultralight and has side button for added functionality. All the mice listed here are in increasing order of weight; that means, the mouse that’s the most ultra light is listed first followed by heavier options.  

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town – 47 grams

The mouse with the lowest weight in this list is the Ultralight 2 from the company Finalmouse. The mouse is the only lightweight option under the 50 gram mark since it weighs in at just 47 grams. Like many other lightweight mice you might have seen on the market, the Ultralight 2 follows the honeycomb-shaped cut-outs that not only minimize its weight but also increase airflow. 

The shape of the Ultralight 2 is ambidextrous, meaning both right and left-handed folks can benefit from the same device. This Cape Town edition of the mouse features a cream-colored body with orange accents. To cut down the weight of the mouse, Finalmouse has decided against RGB lighting which can be a demerit if you really wanted this mouse to go along with your gaming setup. Other features of the mouse include low click latency, 4 native CPI settings, 500Hz polling rate, dedicated side buttons, and latex skin grips. 

Buy on Amazon ($162.99)

Cooler Master MM710 – 53 grams

While FinalMouse Ultralight 2 remains the most ultralight option in this list, it’s the MM710 from Cooler Master that ticks all the boxes for a lightweight gaming mouse. Like you’d come to expect from a lightweight mouse, the MM710 has a perforated honeycomb design that houses all the components of the mouse and keeps it weighed at under 53 grams. The mouse offers a PixArt PMW3389 sensor that offers up to 16000 DPI for precision and better control. 

Cooler Master’s offering comes in both glossy and matte finishes with different color options but it lacks RGB zones. It’s attached to an ultra-weave cable significantly reduces its weight and prevents cable pull. The mouse comes with an extra set of PTFE mouse feet and has 2 extra side buttons that you can customize however you want. 

Buy on Amazon ($49.23) | BestBuy ($47.99) | Newegg ($47.99) | Walmart ($55.61)

HyperX Pulsefire Haste – 59 grams

Gaming giant HyperX has an Ultra-Lightweight mouse of their own – the Pulsefire Haste. Weighing in just 59 grams, the mouse has a familiar honeycomb shell that provides better airflow and with RGB lighting on the scroll wheel, you get a unique-looking mouse that can also be customized depending on your setup. 

The Pulsefire Haste also has TTC Golden micro dustproof switches that offer satisfying clicks and are rated for 60 million clicks. You can personalize your usability by configuring the 6 programmable buttons and also get an adjustable DPI range of up to 16,000. Additional features include virgin-grade PTFE skates, flexible cable, and grip tapes for both left and right mouse buttons. 

Buy on Amazon ($49.99) | BestBuy ($49.99)Newegg ($78.98) | Walmart ($72.93)

Gwolves Hati HTM Ultra – 61 grams

G-Wolves Hati HTM is a lightweight gaming mouse that’s powered by a Pixart 3360 gaming sensor and has a honeycomb shape design. The mouse provides a total of 6 buttons that are rated at up to 20 million clicks. There are 2 side buttons, a scroll wheel with 24 steps and that’s clickable, and a DPI switch button at the top. 

The mouse is powered by a Pixart PMW3360 sensor and supports up to 12000 DPI sensitivity. Other features include 16 bits/axis responsiveness, 50 G acceleration, 250 IPS speed, onboard memory, and up to 5 profiles support. 

Buy on Amazon ($64.99) | Newegg ($49.99) | Walmart ($129.03)

Glorious Model D- (Minus) Matte – 61 grams

Glorious is a brand that has established itself in the gaming industry for a long time now and their Model D- (Minus) mouse is one of their best-selling ultralight gaming mice. The mouse weighs in at 61 grams if you opt for the matte finish while the glossy variants will weigh up to 62 grams. It’s powered by the Pixart 3360 Sensor with 1000 Hz polling rate support and under 0.7mm lift-off gap. 

You can customize your unit with a 6-Step DPI setting which can be changed using the dedicated DPI switch. The mouse comes with RGB lighting strips all throughout the body, some of which are also visible through the perforated honeycomb design. Additional features include a braided cord, premium G-Skates feet, and 6 buttons with macro support. 

Buy on Amazon ($73.50) | Newegg ($94.24) | Walmart ($80.99)

Razer DeathAdder v2 Mini – 62 grams

Of the lightweight wired mice in this list, it’s the DeathAdder v2 Mini from Razer that stands out for being rather normal-looking. Instead of a honeycomb design, Razer’s offering has a standard mouse design but with grippy textures all around. Giving it a trademark Razer look is the Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting that has 16.8 million colors that have different preset profiles and can sync with your gameplay. 

The mouse has a total of 6 programmable buttons including 2 side buttons all of which are rated for 70 million clicks. The only shortcoming to the DeathAdder v2 Mini is the limited sensor capability which is set at a maximum of 8500 DPI. The mouse is attached to a Razer Speedflex cable that provides wireless-like performance by reducing drag and overall weight which stands at just 62 grams. 

Buy on Amazon ($24.99) | Newegg ($35.11) | Walmart ($21)

Top 6 Wireless Lightweight Mice with Side Buttons

If you’re looking for a wireless option in the ultralight category, the following list should be the best ones out there, all of which also include side buttons for added functionality. All the mice listed here are in increasing order of weight; that means, the mouse that’s the most ultralight is listed first followed by heavier options.

You may notice that all these wireless mice are heavier when compared to the wired options. That’s because, in order to include wireless capability, the mice need to house a wireless receiver and a battery which weigh them further down than their wired counterparts. 

Logitech G PRO X Superlight – 63 grams

Leading the line among the best ultralight wireless mouse is Logitech’s G PRO X Superlight that weighs in at just 63 grams. Powered by the company’s HERO 25K sensor, the Superlight supports up to 16,000 DPI, 400+ IPS tracking speed, and 1000Hz polling rate. 

Being a wireless mouse, the Logitech mouse packs up to a 70-hour battery that charges via micro USB. The dedicated side buttons are on the left side and you can customize them using the Logitech G HUB available on both Windows and macOS. 

Buy on Amazon ($149.99) | BestBuy ($149.99) | Walmart ($146.83)

SteelSeries Aerox 3 – 66 grams

SteelSeries offers the Aerox 3 lightweight mouse that weighs 66 grams and packs in a TrueMove Air sensor with 18000 CPI resolution, 400 IPS speed, 1000Hz polling rate, and 40G acceleration. The mouse connects to your computer via Bluetooth 5.0 or a 2.4Gz receiver. It offers a 200-hour plus that can be recharged using USB Type-C and supports fast charging. 

In terms of design, the Aerox 3 takes inspiration from the wired ultralight mice listed above and features a square-shaped perforated housing. The mechanical switches are rated with an IP54 water and dust resistance and 80 million clicks. The mouse offers dual-wireless connectivity that lets you instantly switch between Bluetooth and WiFi. 

Buy on Amazon ($99.99) | BestBuy ($99.99) | Newegg ($99.99) | Walmart ($60.99)

Razer Atheris – 68 grams

Razer Atheris is an ambidextrous lightweight mouse that suits both right-handed and left-handed users. The mouse is designed to include 5 programmable buttons that can be remapped using Razer Synapse 3. It’s powered by a 7200 DPI sensor that offers easy sensitivity adjustment and 1000 Hz polling. 

The mouse being wireless has a 350-hour battery life after which you can swap them out with two AA batteries. The Razer peripheral has both 2.4 GHz Wireless & Bluetooth LE connectivity options both of which offer lag-free transmission. 

Buy on Amazon ($38.99) | Newegg ($49.99) | Walmart ($40.97)

DELUX M800DB – 70 grams

Weighing in at exactly 70 grams, the DELUX M800DB connects to your devices via a wireless receiver. The mouse is powered by a PMW3325 sensor with adjustable sensitivity that can be changed between 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 5000, and 10000DPI. The DELUX device offers a 100IPS speed, 20G acceleration, 1000 refresh rate. 

The device is backed by a 500mAh battery that lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge and can be recharged using a Type C cable. Other features in the mouse include RGB lighting, Teffol foot, up to 6 programmable buttons, and a battery indicator. 

Buy on Amazon ($35.99)

Razer Viper Ultimate with Charging Dock – 74 grams

Contesting the much lighter DeathAdder v2 Mini is Razer’s Viper Ultimate which weighs in at 74 grams and is powered by a 20K DPI optical sensor. The design on the v2 Mini is nothing fancy but it does offer an Ambidextrous Design suiting both left and right-handed users. The device’s highlight is that it includes 8 programmable buttons for different macro functions assignable through Razer Synapse 3. 

Buy on Amazon ($$99.99) | BestBuy ($99.99) | Newegg ($149.99) | Walmart ($149.99)

ASUS ROG Keris – 79 grams

Surprised to see an Asus product on this list? Yes, the Taiwanese giant also has an ultralight mouse that it sells under the ROG moniker although it weighs just under 80 grams. The mouse is built with ROG Micro Switches that are rated at 70 million clicks and have gold-plated electro-junction for a longer lifespan. 

The Asus mouse packs in a 78-hour battery that can be charged via USB Type-C fast charging. You can change its DPI by spinning the scroll wheel through four different DPI levels. Unlike other options in this list, this mouse has tri-mode connectivity letting you use Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz wireless, or a wired USB to connect it to your PC. 

Buy on Amazon ($99.74) | Newegg ($99.99) | Walmart ($125.99)

That’s all the options we have for a lightweight mouse with side buttons. 


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