LG Watch Sport price revealed, to cost $349

LG’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatch, LG Watch Sport, will come at a base price of $349 in the US. This is $100 more than its sibling LG Watch Style ($249). We call it sibling because both will see the light of the day on February 9, where they will be released alongside Android Wear 2.0, hopefully!

An additional $100 is not a meager amount, though. Justifying the price is the tag ‘first new Android Pay smartwatch’ which the LG Watch Sport carries. Plus, a plethora of additional features which we do not find in Watch Style, viz, LTE connectivity, GPS, a heart rate monitor, to name a few.

Other features which make the LG Watch Sport hot for your pocket include a larger screen, and Google Assistant. It is rumored to come in titanium and dark blue colors.

Well, looks like Android Wear smartwatches are the new devices to look out for with top OEMs releasing their own versions. HTC is one of them and is slated to launch HTC UA Watch soon. ZTE too is planning to launch one, as we recently spotted ZTE Smart Watch with model number ZW10 on Bluetooth SIG.

Other than wearable devices, the most awaited launch this year is that of Android Wear 2.0 tech which too is slated for a February 9 release. Whoo! There’s a lot coming up on the Android Wear front.

via Android Police

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  1. Nuzhat, I have to admit I’m more of an Apple guy. But part of that is due to my lack of knowledge about the other brands. How would you say this compares to the Apple Watch? Advantages and Disadvantages? Thanks for sharing.

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