ZTE Android Wear watch (ZW10) gets Bluetooth SIG certificate, features UMTS (3G) connectivity

A ZTE Smart Watch with model number ZW10 just received a certification from Bluetooth SIG. As per the listing, the smart watch features UMTS (3G) connectivity.

Earlier this month, we heard rumors of a ZTE Android Wear watch launching this year with LTE connectivity. And this ZTE Smart Watch could very well be it.

The Bluetooth SIG listing, however, features UMTS (3G) connectivity which doesn’t lines up with the previously rumored LTE variant. But it could that ZTE is planning different variants of the watch for different regions, or it’s just going to come with 3G connectivity, not LTE.

Notably, Google will also release the Android Wear 2.0 update on February 9th. The list of devices that will get the Wear 2.0 update has also been leaked out.

Chances are good that ZTE’s Android wear watch will run on Android Wear 2.0 out of the box. Now that the watch is certified by the Bluetooth authorities, official announcement should also come soon.

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