LG V40: Five cameras the recipe for a 5-star phone?

We all know about the many 5-star hotels out there and all they bring to the hotel industry, but no, this article has nothing to do with hotels, rather, we are here about smartphones – ‘5-star’ smartphones.

In the race to stand out in the densely populated smartphone market where many vendors are becoming redundant, South Korea’s LG Electronics is reportedly pondering on giving the masses what has never existed before – an LG V40 smartphone with a massive five camera lenses.

When Huawei gave us one with three lenses on the back (and four in total), some thought it was heightened insanity, but it appears that multiple camera lenses – as many as five cameras – are the exact recipe we need for a 5-star smartphone. No, the five cameras won’t be on the back of the LG V40, we presume, rather, we should get three on the back and two on the front.

While we still don’t know how these cameras will work, what seems certain is that one of the front-facing shooters will be used for facial recognition purposes, probably the 3D type. Given that LG’s latest flagship phones with dual-lens cameras still offer an ultra-wide lens for wide-angle shots and no portrait mode, it’s likely that the third lens on the back of the LG V40 could be dedicated to depth of field effects.

Up to now, things might be going well, until you hear this. Apparently, it’s claimed that the LG V40 will take after the LG G7 and adopt the notched display screen, but of course, there will be an option to disable it. In terms of specs, expect to come across Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset alongside the usual stuff found in LG flagship phones like Quad DAC, a dedicated button for Google Assistant, a rear-mounted scanner, IP68 and MIL-STD 810G certifications, and so on.

The LG V30 was launched in August 2017 and started selling the following month. The LG V20 before it came at about the same time and given the timing of this info in regards to the LG V40, we expect to see a similar launch date for this handset.

In short, we only have July and part of August to know all there is about the LG V40. Hopefully, we’ll get to learn more sooner than later.

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