LG V20 Oreo update to release in August: Fido Canada

LG has already updated the LG V30 to Android Oreo and now it’s the turn for its predecessor to join the party. While we’ve known for a while that the LG V20 will be upgraded to Oreo, what remained elusive all this time is the exact release date. But this is no more.

According to Canada’s Fido, the LG V20 will begin receiving Android Oreo update in August 2018. This makes it only four weeks to the expected launch period, but of course, the carrier hasn’t mentioned a thing regarding the specific date.

LG V20 was launched in 2016 and came preinstalled with Android Nougat. Although fans had high hopes for a device that even beat Google to launch with Nougat out of the box, the V20 is set to receive Android Oreo a full year after the OS came out.

Meanwhile, the Korean company is reportedly working on a 5-star LG V40 smartphone that will rock an impressive five camera lenses and is expected to be unveiled at about the same time the V20 will be receiving Oreo.

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We’ll keep an eye on these developments and update you whenever fresh details come out.

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