LG Optimus LTE, Tag and Vu to get Ice Cream Sandwich Updates in June

It’s no secret that LG is quite infamous for its poor after-sales support on Android devices, specially when it comes to updates to newer Android versions. The flagship dual-core LG Optimus 2x — which one would expect to be the first device to get updated to Android 4.0 — has been left in the lurch with the update pushed to the third quarter of 2012.

But LG might be trying to repair their reputation as they’ve announced that the Android 4.0 updates for the LG Optimus LTE, Optimus LTE Tag and the Optimus Vu are set to begin rolling out from June 4th. The Ice Cream Sandwich update will update all three devices to the UI 3.0 layer, while the update for the Optimus Vu will also bring additional features to take advantage of its wide-screen display.

Here’s hoping this is a start to a new and improved era of faster updates for LG, or there might soon be a mass exodus of customers from LG to devices of other manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC. There’s no news of when the other LG devices will get the update, but we’ll let you know as and when more info becomes available.