A mystery LG handset bearing model number M255 clears FCC

LG M255

Although FCC has never been one to share device’s details that pay a visit to it, there were always subtle hints at what the device could be. This time around, though, it’s an entirely different story.

A mysterious LG handset with the model number M255 stopped by FCC today, but the listing reveals nothing about the smartphone. Nope, not a dicky-bird. Google is really not your friend on this one, either.

Considering that the company has just launched its flagship device, the LG G6, we assume the device with model number M255 to be a mid-range or an entry-level handset perhaps.

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Now that it has made it to the FCC we should see more details regarding the same to be revealed soon. We will keep you posted should anything solid surface online. Until then, keep a tab on this space.

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  1. it is LG K10 2017 variant with AT&T-friendly LTE bands (2, 4, 5 and 12).

  2. it is LG K10 2017 variant with AT&T-friendly LTE bands (2, 4, 5 and 12).

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