LG G8 to be a dual screen phone

Gone are the days when the mention of LG would make every smartphone fan thrilled at what’s coming. Today, the Korean company has turned into just another Android smartphone maker trying to survive, but this might come to an end next month.

At a time when LG needs something big to lift the spirits up, reports coming in thick and fast suggest that the Korean company will be at the MWC 2019 event to launch a phone with a dual-screen design, much like what we’ve seen from some Chinese vendors.

We don’t have our eyes on this dual-screen LG phone yet, but according to CNET, there is no way to confirm whether this is the LG G8 or not. Given the turbulent time LG’s smartphone division is going through, this might be the time for something different and surely, an LG G8 with a dual-screen design would suffice for the moment.

Still, the practicability of such a design is something that will always pop up, but for now, anything that can make LG stand out or rather remain on people’s lips for some time is what the company needs.

Whether this story will materialize or not, we already know the LG G8 will be unveiled on February 24 ahead of the main MWC event. Also, the CNET report says LG has multiple phones to launch at the event and it’s likely that one of them, G8 or not, will have this dual-screen thingy.

Would having a dual screen design make you want to buy the LG G8? Let us know in your comments below.


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