LG G6 to go on sale from March 10th, Samsung Galaxy S8 global launch on April 21st

Two of the most anticipated flagship smartphones- LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8- have been under the rumor radar for quite some time now. While that may end soon for LG G6 with its official unveiling tomorrow at pre-MWC event in Barcelona, for Galaxy S8 it will stretch a bit more till April 21st as that is when Samsung plans to launch it globally.

LG will introduce premium G6 device tomorrow, that is February 26th, at Barcelona but the sale will not begin until March 10th, at least in South Korea. In between the two events, the pre-sale will take place from March 2nd till March 9th while pre-orders will begin on March 2nd. Mark you calendar buds!

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Samsung, on the other hand, will release the eighth-gen S-series smartphone Galaxy S8 globally on April 21st, scrapping its earlier plan for two separate releases (one for the rest of the world on the said date and one for South Korea a week earlier on April 14th). The change in plan was adopted in order to have stable supplies of the S8, which in all probability is going to sell like a hot-cake.

The launch date of Galaxy S8 was confirmed by ETnews citing a high-ranking official from a mobile network provider, “Release date of Galaxy S8 in South Korea has been changed from the 14th of April to the 21st of April due to reasons such as size of supplies and others.”

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However, notably Galaxy S8 pre-sale has not been finalized as yet. It seems, Samsung wants to observe the market trend and initial responses to LG G6 before deciding a pre-sale date, which is quite like the OEM who has time and again resorted to this measure. Based on past calculations, Samsung is likely to put Galaxy S8 up for pre-order on April 13th.

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There stands a gap of at least 42 days between LG G6 and Galaxy S8 sales debut. Also, this is the first time ever for a LG product to hit the markets ahead of Galaxy S series device. Thus, it will be interesting to note whether LG is be able to transform its decision into robust sales or Samsung as usual, takes the booty home, irrespective of its competitor.

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