LG G6 and LG UX 6.0 teased in an official video

The pace has quickened now. The top brand OEMs have pulled out their marketing tools to grab the spotlight and position their products under it ahead of the Mobile World Congress. LG, not one to lag behind, has pulled a teaser video from under its sleeves showing the LG G6 and its new LG UX 6.0.

The fleeting 12-second video does not help us much in deciphering the internal hardware of LG’s upcoming flagship, but it does re-confirm the high-end design and display the smartphone is exhibiting.

The teaser video shows the smartphone with the words ‘perfect proportion’ and ‘square’ which help us to know that the G6 will come with the new multi-window operation. This operation renders two apps in ‘perfect square’ windows dividing the ‘Full Vision’ (another word that appears in the video) display of the G6 evenly.

In one of its earlier marketing gimmick, LG had officially named the G6 display as ‘Full Vision‘ owing to the bezel-less display it carries with a screen resolution of 1,440 x 2,880 (18:9 display ratio). The screen size of 5.7-inch will be of QHD LCD panel.

LG’s new mobile UX 6.0 has also been made official in the video which will take advantage of Full Vision in new ways by offering enhanced video and media quality.

LG G6 will carry Snapdragon 821 processor under the hood and pack in a 3000mAH battery which is the largest in the company’s G series devices. It will be shipped with Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Other features include dual rear camera set-up, waterproof build, wireless charging, an AI Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and a new Quad DAC to enhance sound quality.

As for the pricing, it definitely costs more than LG G5 and should be priced at 930,000 Won (around $815) in Korea. LG has set the launch date of G6 for Feb 26th followed by release in South Korea on March 9th. In US, it will go on sale nationwide starting April 7th.

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