Galaxy Tab S3 system dump reveals Galaxy S8 key features

Another day and another bout of Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks via alleged Galaxy Tab S3 system dump. In less than a week, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 will get official while the official launch date for Galaxy S8 will be announced, yet there’s no full stop on the raining leaks and reports on these two devices. Rather, these has increased in velocity. The latest one is an alleged system dump of Tab S3 which throws more light on Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone S8.

The system dump show three images of Galaxy S8 in clipart form which puts a stamp on some of the past leaked features of the device viz rear fingerprint sensor, onscreen navigation keys and desktop dock of S8.

The first image shows the rear fingerprint scanner located at a much awkward position on the right side of the camera. This placing of the S8 fingerprint scanner was seen in previous leaked images as well spurting negative comments about its placing. Also seen in the clipart image is a demonstration of how to use heart-rate sensor on the rear of the phone.

In the second image, the onsrceen navigation buttons can be seen with the multitasking key towards the left and back key on the right. At the centre there’s square shaped home button. These are the exact positions of the navigation keys we saw in yesterday’s leak.

The main revelation coming from the system dump conforms the Samsung DeX HDMI dock for desktop mode of Galaxy S8. The image shows a shot of the DeX Dock which will allow the S8 to display a desktop environment when plugged into a display.

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Let’s see if Samsung will give an official stamp to any or some of these features during the release date announcement of the Galaxy S8 on February 27th.

via Android Police

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