LG G6 to get Android Pie in Canada on Oct 16


More than a year after the OS’ initial release, the LG G6 is finally getting updated to Android 9 Pie. As per TELUS’ report, the 2017 flagship is set to get the taste of Pie in Canada on October 16th.

LG isn’t the most reliable when it comes to software updates. While the company does manage to churn out regular updates for its current flagships, its record takes a hit when it comes to older, outdated devices. G6, which came with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box, has naturally slipped down the pecking order, and LG hasn’t bothered much to bless the device with the latest, supported software.

It’s coming at least six months late, but G6 users must still be thrilled to get the opportunity of taking Android 9 Pie for a spin. TELUS’ report also confirms that the October Pie update will also bring the latest security patch.

In other news, LG has already confirmed that the V50 ThinQ and G8 ThinQ will get Google’s latest Android 10 ahead of any other device. LG G7 One (Q4 2019) and G7 ThinQ (Q2 2020) are next in line, followed by LG V40 ThinQ (Q2 2020) LG V35 ThinQ (Q2 2020) LG V30S ThinQ (Q2 2020), LG Q60 (Q4 2020), and LG K50 (Q4 2020).

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