LG G6 Plus releasing tomorrow in South Korea

The 2 new models of LG G6LG G6 Plus (128GB) and 32GB, which were announced last week will release tomorrow (30 June) in South Korea.

Other than the internal memory, all the other specifications are same for the three variants. While LG G6 Plus features 128GB internal memory, the LG G6 32GB (earlier called LG G6 Pro) features 32GB internal memory.

Talking about the price, G6 Plus 128GB is priced at 957,000 won ($838.92) and G6 32GB costs 819,500 won ($718.39), which is 80,000 won less than the original LG G6 priced at 899,800 won.

Further, LG G6+ now supports wireless charging and there is a lenticular film applied to the back of the LG G6+, which gives different colors to the back. It is available in three color option of optical Astro black, optical terra gold, and optical marine blue.

Both the variants will be released through three mobile companies on 30th in Korea. Although the offer details about the two are not known yet, KT communication is offering a free wireless charging cradle (limited to 4,500) to customers who purchase G6 Plus before 27 July.

Source: YonhapNews