LG G6 gets March 10 release date rumored

We knew LG was looking to gain some leverage for got its G6 by releasing it a bit beforehand compared to earlier G series flagship releases, mainly because Samsung Galaxy S8 release is delayed to mid-April — about a month later than usual — this time around.

Today, we just got handed a date at which LG G6 could launch, and become available for buy in the markets. Rumors have it that LG could release the G6 on March 18, which will be followed by announcement at MWC 2017, which begins on February 27.

It’s untold where it could release first of all, but given the history, and huge preference for hardware and software releases for Kits hometown Korea, we assume G6 would be available to Koreans before all.

Although, we wouldn’t be surprised if March 10 is global release date, as if LG is looking to take some advantage on Samsung by doing this, they may very well do it on LARGE scale.

But Samsung has smelled it too. And they got a plan to counter this in a very neat way — latest rumors spilled that Samsung has decided to go ahead and build some S8 sets quite early, while the rest the mass production is scheduled for March-April, in order to unveil the Galaxy S8 at MWC 2017 itself, which is where LG G6 is set for announcement too.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying this news clearly and I will be in touch with you to get the recent news about G6.

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