LG G5 to be discontinued as its sole back cover supplier HALLACAST files for bankruptcy

According to a new report from Korea, LG may have to stop the production of the LG G5. This isn’t confirmed yet, but could happen due to a problem with the exclusive back cover supplier for the G5.

The company HALLACAST, which is the exclusive supplier of the back cover for the LG G5, has filed for bankruptcy.  The company applied for statutory management on December 29 last year, which basically means that they are going bankrupt.

You might think that LG might have had other suppliers as a back-up, and they did. However, the company apparently signed an exclusive deal with HALLACAST for 2017. The LG G5 could be discontinued because of this.

LG is all set to announce their newest flagship, the LG G6, next month at MWC 2017. The new smartphone is supposed to not have a modular design, and would feature the latest high-end internals, copper heat pipes for better cooling, and an improved camera.

We will have to wait and find out if this report turns out to be true, and if LG will actually discontinue the G5. Even if the production is halted and the device discontinued, we are sure LG will continue to provide service and support.

Source: Bizhankook

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