LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update Screenshots Leaked

These leaks are certainly bridging up the gap between company’s development on their flagships and what customers can expect more from them. We already covered the HTC leaked screenshots of their Material Sense UI, Sense 7. And it looks like LG is probably our next stop as screenshots of LG G3 running Android 5.0 Lollipop surfaces on the internet.

Google folks announced the latest version of Android few days back and mobile makers were certainly busy in confirming which of their devices will get updated. LG also confirmed the Android 5.0 update will make its way to LG G3 and G2 in the coming months. And we have a few screenshots of LG G3 running Android 5.0 from LG Viet, which may raise up your excitement bars.

The site revealed a handful of screenshots which shows LG’s features of Android 5.0 and the Optimus UI bumping into Material Design. However, if you noticed, these clearly suggest that LG’s UI is still deep in development stages. If you compare their “icongraphy” with that of Kitkat, you may get our point.

The user interface still employs a pretty heavy dosage of LG influence, though the white-backed notifications and the circular profile icon in the upper right corner show a bit of Google’s Lollipop flair shining through. Certainly, it’s a fusion of AOSP UI with Optimus UI. I’d again like to call it Google-y.


We would certainly like to stick to final build screenshot, which are no far away from now, as per the ETA’s. Furthermore, this as a good sign that they’re set to meet their “end of 2014″ schedule for getting the update out for their best flagship smartphone yet.

Well, something to note about the update is, it may not roll out at a same time for all the users, perhaps it varies from region to region, which can take further few months for a complete roll out and users with carrier branded devices would have to wait even longer than the original variants.

Check out more screenshots of LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop update at the source link below.

via LG Viet