HTC One M7 and M8 Android 5.0 Update Coming Soon as HTC Sense 7 Screenshots Leaks

The work has already begun, which we might not think of, companies are now pulling up their socks with new Android 5.0 Lollipop now officially launched by Google, which offers them a new design, precisely a makeover of Android Vanilla UI. The biggest roller coaster of upgrade, we say. Now, as Android 5.0 is around the corner, device makers are all busy in setting up their UI standards to fit with Material design. I’m not preaching from my virtual soapbox here, HTC is looking quite promising in making their sense 7 look quite Google-y. 

But, whatever HTC does they always find their own way, their own style, perhaps that’s what makes them different, attractive from other brands out there. There’s certainly some card-based design now and the color palette seems more Material than the subdued dark colors of Sense 6. But, the back navigation button still looks as beautiful and neat, which was there in sense 6. In comparison to sense 6 and 7, the lollipop sense 7, looks more colourful, flat and clean. Almost competing with LG G3’s Optimus UI.

The first glimpse of HTC’s next major release of Sense UI has made its way into the hands of YouMobile. YouMobile claims that they got these screenshots via  Anonymous Tip. Well, it gonna be exciting to see the other screenshots of HTC blinkfeed UI in fusion with Material Design.


HTC previously promised to deliver a software update within 90 days of receiving the code from Google, the screenshots do suggest that they’re doing good enough to get the update as fast as possible. With a brand new, 64-bit Lollipop should come a brand new Material Design-inspired HTC Sense interface, right?  With that in mind, there’s plenty of time for refinements and new features for the HTC one M8 and possibly HTC one M7 to be a successor, as the sense 7 screenshot are out, the Android 5.0 is about to hit these devices. Of course, the newer handsets.

Furthermore, we can certainly expect a new handset to launch from HTC with their all new sense 7, as it’s their tradition of releasing their new product.

As a final word of caution, these images maybe fake or they may of course be the real thing, in which case we expect some more Sense 7 related leaks to pour in soon.

via YouMobile