LG done with G Series? Rebranding of LG G7 in consideration

lg g series

LG may soon be done with the G Series and could rename it to something else. A new report from Korea states that the company is planning on changing the name of the next G series successor. It will not be called the G7 as we’ve been expecting.

According to an official from LG, the rebranding of the G series smartphone is happening. The official mentioned that this isn’t something new and other manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have already done it.

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The very first G series smartphone from LG was launched way back in 2012 and was called the Optimus G. Ring any bells? Well, ever since then, LG started using the G moniker on all its flagship smartphones, until the most recent LG G6. Similarly, LG also has the V series of smartphones, which is another flagship.

Next month, during Mobile World Congress, LG will most likely announce the successor to the LG G6. Do not expect the new phone to be called the G7 though. It is possible that LG may also change the number system with the new series, whatever it will be called. We will find out in a few weeks time.

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