All in the family: LG Tribute Dynasty said to hit Sprint, Boost, Virgin in 2018

Source: The Verge

Much is often made about the fantastic flagships and magnificent mid-rangers, though less attention is usually paid to the more staid and simple, brilliantly budget. Be it a general lack of funds or a simply desire to not spend more than one needs, there is a massive market for cheaper smartphones from name brand companies. Korea’s LG understands this, and as such has a host of products to accommodate. As per a new leak, that family looks to be expanding in 2018 with the presumed announcement of the LG Tribute Dynasty:

Featuring the model number LG-SP200, the phone is expected to be the latest in the LG Tribute series, although no information has yet been ascertained as to just what kind of specs and hardware would be involved. It would likely be a budget device and/or offered with pre-paid service. For reference, the LG Tribute HD looks like the following:

The phone would likely follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned Tribute HD and Tribute 5. It is possible LG might announce the product in a few weeks at CES 2018, or alternatively the rumored carriers might make their own announcements at such time, or possibly at a later date entirely. Those interested should keep their eyes open for an eventual launch press release.

Source: MyLGPhones via PhoneArena