LG to release an Android tablet soon with model no. LG-P451L

A tablet has appeared on the Bluetooth certification site and this time it’s from LG. The device goes by the model number LG-P451L. Details on the product aren’t available at the moment but they should surface in the coming weeks.

Not only that we also found its reference on the WiFi Alliance, where products are certified as regards, you guessed it, WiFi.

This is second Android tablet we’ve seen on Bluetooth SIG in last few days, as upcoming Samsung Android tablet, Galaxy Tab S3 was also spotted earlier.

LG didn’t really do well last year financially with the modular G5 not catching the public’s interest and eventually, it led to LG killing their modular division. The upcoming LG G6 is expected to pack all the best that LG can offer including the new Snapdragon 835.

What’s interesting is that the LG G6 is rumored to sell at a very competitive price of $600. The flagship may launch around February or March this year. In the meantime LG has been showing off some really cool tech at CES. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will also bring revelation on the upcoming smartphones LG is planning to release.